With 45 years of experience in the sector and our professional team, our extensive network of operations and customer satisfaction-oriented services, we are your most reliable travel companion for operational fleet rentals!

7/24 Uninterrupted Service

Regarding your vehicle, you can send your periodic maintenance and repair, damage repair, tire change and road assistance service requests 7 days / 24 hours, call center 444 26 80 or AUTOCRAT Mobile Application.

Periodic Maintenance and Damage Repair

Periodic maintenance and repairs of your vehicle are carried out by AUTOCRAT authorized dealers. All periodic maintenance and repairs are carried out in accordance with the instructions issued by the manufacturer and / or distributor.

Insurance & Claims Management:

The process of making / renewing your car’s insurance and traffic insurance policies is carried out by AUTOCRAT. All processes (service, insurance and roadside assistance) for you at the time of damage are monitored by AUTOCRAT.

Tire Exchange

 The exchange and storage services of your all-season tires and winter tires are carried out by AUTOCRAT within the terms of the car rental agreement.

Spare Vehicle

AUTOCRAT provides spare vehicle service in case you have to continue your activities without interruption in any case, if your actions related to your vehicles have exceeded the period specified in the contract.

Road Assistance

In the event of a malfunction or accident, AUTOCRAT provides 7 days / 24 hour road assistance. If it is possible to repair the vehicle you are using, the emergency service will be available at the scene, and if not, the nearest authorized service station will be towed by your vehicle.

HGS / OGS Service

In case of your request, HGS and OGS will be supplied by AUTOCRAT. HGS / OGS usage fees are sent monthly together with the rent bill.

Traffic Crisis Management Service

Following the notification of traffic and illegal traffic fines to AUTOCRAT, our customers are informed and payment is made by taking advantage of legal discounts.

Vehicle Inspection Service

Attendance of vehicles coming to inspection time, taking of appointments, inspection of vehicles before inspection and inspection process is managed by AUTOCRAT.

Valet Service

The process of taking your vehicle from your address and returning it to your address for all operational services, from tire change, vehicle inspection to maintenance and repair, is managed by AUTOCRAT.

Sell / Rent Consultancy

The processes of second-hand sales of our proprietary instruments of our customers, who are considering long term leasing by selling company vehicles, are managed by AUTOCRAT.

Professional Rental Consultancy

 AUTOCRAT helps you choose the vehicle you will use with your expert team, helping you to find the most suitable vehicle for your needs from hundreds of brands and models in different segments and choose the most affordable package for your operational fleet rental.




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